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accidents...floode d roads ...downed trees and power outages... the last wave ofa powerful storm drenches they area...and moves on... good evening. accidents flooded roads, downed trees and power outages. the last wave of a powerful storm drenches the bay area and then it moves on. within a few hours the clouds cleared and the sun returned, leaving many to cleanup and salvage their sunday. let's get a look at the storm totals, paul? >> reporter: a lot of rainfall over a 5-day period. santa rosa you took the cake. nearly 8 inches of rain for you. we had 4 inches of rain, more than that in san francisco. oakland, 3-1/2 and san jose 2 1/2 inches of rain. we are mainly clear. not a drop of rain anywhere in
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the bay area. normal rainfall for the entire month of december in san francisco. over 4 inches. we had more than that over just the past 5 days. in case you were not outside this morning it was windy. 63 mile-an-hour wind gusts, napa, 53 miles per hour. and at the airport, sfo, 52 miles per hour. heavy rain, done, cheer night, more rain in the fore-- clear night, more rain in the forecast. we will let you know coming up. several north bay communities watched as rivers continued to rise. some predicted to flood. tonight, the warnings were lifted and communities are breathing a collective sigh of relief. the napa river is still high but it did not overflow, don? >> reporter: that is the good news, right behind us we have been looking at it. cresting right now on the backside of the crest. it did not flood.
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why didn't it flood? some folks are saying it is because of the lull between the storms others are saying it is because of the flood control project. >> reporter: in the late afternoon sun, the napa river looks inviting enough for wildlife and canoes. rainstorms failed to bring the water within three feet of the banks. upriver there was minor flooding when the river rose half a foot above the stage. plenty of folks were concerned. employees 50 tons of sand in bags to protect their property. juan has been through 20 years of floods and he knows what to do. >> i used to believe sandbags did not work but they do. they work, flashlights, having everything ready, food, gas, have your cars gassed up. >> reporter: others put their faith in the not yet complete flood project. she has seen the napa flood all her life. >> i was not concerned. i know they have had a lot of
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improvements on the napa river in the last few years and it would be normal. >> reporter: napa city and county officials now say that next storm may not be as much trouble as first thought but they will wait for accurate weather forecasts before they commit to what they will do later on. reporting live in napa, cbs 5. this is the way the russian river looked it this morning. a viewer sent this picture taken sufficient ral hours before the flood warning was lifted. this is the russian river yesterday. because of lag times between the rainfall and run off getting to the river, it is expected to swell just below flood stage overnight. very different problems for drivers this morning. one of the worst messes was 4 in pittsburgh -- was highway 4 in pittsburgh. this was in the westbound lanes. crews came in quickly. here is what it looked like driving on 101 this morning. not many cars on the road. you can see the rain coming down hard. another problem for the roads,
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the rain makes them wet and slick. it was a pretty bad scenario on highway 24 where there was a series of four crashes. the last one led to these three firefighters getting hurt. cbs 5 reporter shows us the moment that it happened. >> they never saw this suv coming at them. >> reporter: this photographer was shooting an accident on highway 24 this morning when he saw another happen before his eyes. an suv clipped a fire truck, flipped over and hit 6 people on the side of the road. >> it looked like a boiling ball going down the freeway. they were like -- bowling ball going down the freeway. they just hit them. >> reporter: ending up with various injuries including broken bones. >> we will not comment on their conditions but they were conscious, awake and talking when they left the scene. >> reporter: one person died in this accident in daly city. two cars crashed just after 5:00 a.m. near east moore avenue northbound industry state 280
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was closed for two hours. and it was not just the rain. the high winds caused problems on all bay area bridges. this big rig flipped over this morning. it took the crews 6 hours to get it out of there. the chp says the driver ignored the high wind warning signs and was driving too fast. they had to wait until the winds died down to right the rig and move it out. and on city streets cars were fish tailing on flooded roadways. the rain came down so quickly storm drains were no match for the water. >> it was pretty hairy. >> reporter: the bright side, it was not a weekday morning commute and rain finally cheered late morning to give drivers a reprieve. >> it was not just the roads, bart had their share of problems today. they had to tread in ankle water to get to kiosks this
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morning. a power failure stopped all trains for an hour. tonight, though, service is back to normal. at the height of the storm, 21,000 homes lost power. this was one of the reasons. power poles snapped by wind and trees. this one in san francisco district left live power lines going across the street. fortunately no injuries. some folks in pacifica, in one neighborhood woke up to this. if you look closely you can see a power line draped over the side view mirror of this car. 11,000 homes are still without power tonight and for one family, downed power line kept them prisoner ins in their own home. we have more on the dangerous minutes in redwood city. >> it is the day after the 3rd and strongest storm pounded the bay area. putting this family in danger. this tree, knocks the power
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line down. and the family behind me is kept inside for safety reasons. they can not even move their car. >> at first i thought it might be live. >> larry lives next door without power and he has to wait it out. >> when i saw the fire department here they came out and cut the power to the house so it was not a hazard anymore. >> drivers are turned away. >> reporter: these power lines were knocked down and had skyline shutdown for the morning and the afternoon seth hoped to sell christmas trees today but the rain kept that from happening. he hopes it is finally over. >> sold a couple of trees, but, with the roads closed, not a lot of people can make it out. >> back to you. pictures of toppled trees were also sent to us, the wolfe family home suffered minor damage from a large tree hymn on the roof and patio -- tree limbo the roof of the patty kwroe. here are pictures of a tree on
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top of cars. you can see the ground gave way and with little help from the wind this tree came down early this morning. >> well, a sinkhole has made problems. the sinkhole opened up on highway 17. mark in santa cruz county where the road remains closed, mark? >> we are talking about a well known local road leading to homes down here and a school as well. a well known bypass around highway 17. but take a look at the condition of vine hill road tonight. the overnight storm from saturday night into sunday morning washed out the road just a bit to the east of highway 17. county road crews were here earlier today to block off the road in both directions. the officials say they will begin dog an assessment tomorrow. at this point -- begin doing an assessment tomorrow. at this point they don't know what it will happen. >> i lived here almost half my
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life and never seen this here. we used to go to school this way, so, yes. >> >> reporter: a little unusual? >> it is, it is. it really is, wow. >> reporter: now, the damage is worse than you can see from here. the dirt is washed out as a big tunnel, if you will, under the road. the stability is very much in question at this point. and, crews will make a damage assessment here tomorrow in santa cruz county tomorrow morning. reporting live from santa cruz county near the summit, cbs 5. well, don't forget you can track any storm any time from home with our live hi-def doplar on our web site. well, a north bay community all too familiar with floods. >> when we woke up this morning we were shocked by hard it was raining. >> how the city is counting its blessings tonight.
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good evening, to you, there is another storm out there in the pacific with its sites on the west coast. coming up in weather find out why that storm is not heading here directly, that is coming up next [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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neighborhood. a viewer sent us this video of the rain arriving...and the street flooding it created fr sheets of rain blowing sideways this morning. a viewer sent us this video of the rain arriving. so, we have shown you how the north bay took the brunt of the series of storms. and, for one area these rains were like major flooding seen seven years ago. we go to san ansalmo. >> nerves on edge. the creek that runs through the center of town got dangerously high. >> i think everyone was on pins and needles. a lot of people watching to see, you know, what was going to happen. >> reporter: the creek inched chose -- close to then feet. quickly lowered once the rain let up. >> when we woke up we were shocked by how hard it was
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raining. >> reporter: business owners around here have been through this before. this time they were not taking any chances. this artist's gallery is just steps away from the creek. the sign outside of his door from 2005 is a daily reminder of just how high the water can go. he put outs his sandbags and watched with everyone else. >> it looked like christmas here. it was so many people walking around. and, to check out the flood. >> even kids out in to look at it. >> it hooks like hot chocolate. >> yeah. >> reporter: the chairs at this cafe were put up high just in case. once the coast was cheer it was back to business as usual. sort of. >> since we were barricaded in, why not make our business a little more mobile. >> back to you.
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clear skies right now, though. >> we earned this break. not one of those breaks between the storms you where have to worry about the next one coming. this is no next one. we are looking at the radar. dry conditions, judges, clear outside tonight. you have earned it. some of you have received up to 8 to 9 inches of rain in the north bay over the past five days. the city of san francisco, four inches of rain, tphobgting right now. a beautiful shot. lit up for the holidays. concord, 51, sapbta rose a51. skies quickly cheered. we have temperatures that are dropping like a rock once we lost the sunshine. oakland, 57, san francisco, fifty five. normal rainfall for the month of december in san francisco, the whole month, it is a little over four inches of rain. we got that in the past five days. a month's worth of wintertime rainfall in only five days. i am happy to report for all of the folks that may have been impacked by flooding and thankfully we are not. and the rain coming in later into the week.
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should not induce any flooding concerns. fairfield, 46. tonight, fremont, down to 47. livermore, preubgs. pacifica, prae degrees. that is the temperature tomorrow morning at the bus stipulate heading back to work and school. norther nature has not changed too much here. our forecast is changing a lot. because of a subtle changes, first off, the storm track is farther in the north. high pressure is building. more storms are out there. the next one that will ares through will not be a direct hit. giving heavy rain to western oregon to washington and parts of extreme northern california. but, for us, only a glancing blow. as i mentioned before not enough to give us widespread flooding concerns t. -- it is going to rain. not heavy enough to give us widespread problems. watch out for wet weather on wednesday. the forecast beyond that looking very, very dry. dry, i will say it again, dry in the long-range outlook.
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tomorrow, dry. partly to mostly sunny. concord, 62, your average is 58. fremont tomorrow, 63 degrees. hayward, 63. san mateo, 62. and extended forecast, cloudy, still dry for much of the day on tuesday. here is a wet day. only one. on wednesday. thursday, we clear out. friday, saturday, sunday is, setting up to be a beautiful holiday weekend a couple weeks before christmas. that is the forecast looking much, much drier, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that was expected never e storm was colder the flood threat for the truckie river in california and nevada is over. the flooding that was expected never happened because the storm was colder than predicted. creating more snow than rain. some in the north bay were determined to keep money coming in. >> reporter: diners at the drill in sonoma walk up a plank to get in the front door because they are feet away from floodwaters. the grill stays open even when the roads are closed. >> as long as the water does not come in, i am happy. >> the owner says this area is prone to flooding. heavy rains caused the creek to rise. he keeps pictures from past floods on the walls of the restaurant. back in 2005 the grill, filled with two feet of water. >> when you have this much rain back to back to back storms there is nothing you can do but
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wait it out. that is what we are doing now. >> reporter: diners seemed happy to wait it out with him. >> i think it is great. kind of braving the floods. for all of the locals nearby. >> reporter: he put up retaining walls and put wood on the doors just in case. he had to fix a lot of damage in the past but calls it part of the character of the place. so, just what will it take for him to close? >> i will wait until it almost comes in the doors then we exit the people out the backdoor through the kitchen. but i will wait until right until the bitter end. did the raiders put their streak to an end? the 49ers go to overtime again. did anybody win this game? the answer is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as long today... the 49ers and the rams played 75 minutes in their 24- 24 tie. can you believe they does that today? pumping up his new guy, alex smith looked on. the 1st quarter, best drive of the last, gordon for a touchdown. the 49th of his career. 7-049ers. throwing it from the end swro -- 7-0 49ers. throwing it from the end zone.
6:54 pm
7-2, 49ers, late 4th quarter, 10-2. here is the big mistake. the pitch, overred head, scores, the rams got the 2- point conversion, the game was tied. can not find a receiver and there he goes. a 50 yard pick up to the 14 yard line. that set up a david acres field goal to give the 49ers a 13-10 lead. hru, st. louis gets into field goal range -- but, st. louis gets into field goal range. forcing overtime once again. 4:16 into overtime. on for a 51 yard kick. this to win the game for the 49ers. but, no. it is wide right. of course, the rams get the football. they are in range. from 54 yards out to win the game. 16-13 is the final. so, the 49ers lead is 1-1/2 games. the talk was about the bad
6:55 pm
pitch. >> just kept it, let the chock run and let our punter get on the field and let the defense play. >> is there any question who the starting quarterback is for next week. >> i the let you know -- i will let you know if there is a change. the raider season went out of control. coming into play today, having lost 4 in ai row. 3-8. a visit from the browns might be what the team needed. the raiders trying to wash the last month from their memories. 3-0, cleveland. and browns, quarterback, the bob to josh gordon. he beats it. 44 yard score. 10-0. they led 10-3 at the half. 13-3. carson palmer, getting the 64 yard touchdown. the raiders earn it. down then-10. the 4th quarter, down by 3. the browns, in trouble. palmer going for the win. it is picked off by brown, a
6:56 pm
huge momentum killer for the raiders, then, the browns put it away. 3.5 left. getting it to make it 20-10. they scored a late touchdown. too little too late. oakland is now 3-9. >> we can not turn the ball over right there we have all of the momentum. moving the ball. and, and we can't -- we can't have that self-inflicted wound right there. you know, if it is not there we have to get rid of it. can not make that mistake. >> take the shot out there. going for the touchdown quickly. just did not put the ball in the right spot. did not make the play on the ball. after the game, the raider coach left to be with his ailing father in texas. it is not known when he will return. david shaw is our special guest on "game day". >> good news for the world of football for that. >> yes. college. >> yes. "60 minutes" is next.
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see you tonight. good night ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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